Mount Manjaro full-encrypted filesystem in live cd environment


today I canceled the update process while updating via the terminal and now I get an error like Error: file '/boot/vmlinuz-6.1-x86_64ā€™ not found when booting.


  • Power on laptop
  • Enter Password
  • Manjaro Bootscreen
  • Error Message

I changed the boot order to boot into the live cd, because otherwise it tried to decrypt the usb drive at the first stage.The problem is now that my filesystem is fully encrypted (done by the manjaro installer a ~2 years back) and I have no clue how to mount the filesystem in the live CD environment in order to chroot into it.

Iā€™m really gratefull for any help.

Thank you very much

When I type sudo lsblk I get basically this output:

  • sda (USB-STICK)
    ** sda1
    ** sda2

  • nvme0n1 (SSD with System on it) (238.5)
    ** nvme0n1p1 (300M)
    ** nvme0n1p2 (229.4G)
    ** nvme0n1p3 (8.8G)

see this for luks

or use before Gparted

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You should also be able to mount it with one click from most file managers (e.g. Dolphin)

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@stephane thank you very much. I was able to mount the filesystem, chroot into it and execute the following commands

# Because Adress resolution did not work
echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolve.conf

# --overwrite because "exists in filesystem error"
pacman --overwrite "*" -Syu
mhwd-kernel -i linux515

For some reason my qtile environment will not start anymore (Login->Lenovo Image->Back to Login), but at least Iā€™m able to log into xfce.

@fasto Yes, I noticed this also afterwards :sweat_smile:
But thanks, because I could also backup my data beforehand that way.

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