Mount ISO file as the System does it


I would like to mount an ISO file as the System does it when I double click on that.
In this case I can see an icon with name on my desktop of it, and I can access the content of that.

What would be the proper terminal command to achieve the same state?

I am using Cinnamon DE.

You should be able to do that from the file manager, but just in case -

To mount the iso -

sudo mkdir /media/iso
sudo mount /path-to-image.iso /media/iso -o loop

(Be careful to provide the right path for your iso file.)
For viewing the contents of the iso file-

ls /media/iso

In order to unmount the iso -

sudo umount /media/iso

(Make sure the iso is not in use at the time of unmounting)

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Thanks. I know these commands and I used them.
But I doesn’t see where created the desktop icon.

Sorry, I misinterpreted your question🥲.

I am sorry I don’t know how to achieve that.

Don’t worry, i appreciate your will to help.

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I believe mount points in /media and /mnt are automatically added to most file managers’ side panel, and thus should also show on the desktop if the associated setting is enabled.
Otherwise there may be an option to add for Cinnamon/Nemo to add the mount to the desktop, wherever the mount folder is.

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I checked Nemo, and my mounted ISO can’t see on the side panel.
Could you give the information what is the associated setting? Just to enable that.
And just reminder, i am searching for a terminal command. If that is exist…