Mount fails on boot

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On Manjaro 21.03, GNOME, I’m trying to mount an external (always on) drive (M2-SSD on a Raspi4). This works on all my other (Ubuntu) computers, but not on my Manjaro-PC.

The fstab entry is: /mnt nfs proto=tcp,auto,port=2049 0 0

Mounting with ‘sudo mount /mnt’ works perfectly. Also hand-mounting with ‘sudo mount -t nfs -o proto=tcp,port=2049 /mnt’ works.

But when I reboot the system, the drive is not mounted. I guess that some systemd-issues are the reason why.

Thanks for your help

Do you see any errors in your journal?
Is the network up and running when the mount wants to start?

You can try adding the _netdev mount option to explictly tell systemd that this is a network mount.

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Problem solved. Instead of mounting with a fstab entry, I created two unit files: mnt-nas.mount and mnt-nas.automount. Then I disabled mnt-nas.mount and enabled mnt-nas.automount. Now everything works fine.

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