Mount error during launch from usb

Mount: /run/miso/sfs/mhwdfs: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.
Error faild to mount /dev/loop1

How do i fix this ? For reference i used the gnome iso image for manjaro and made a bootable USB with rufus

Try Ventoy.

I cant as it decided it wont work for me on windows 7 and i dont currently have another working linux distro on any of my harddrives

That might be your problem right there. Do you know what kind of USB drive it is? If it is blue inside, it might be USB 3.0. USB 3.0 support is not built in to Windows 7, you have to install the driver for it.

No, its a usb 2.0 drive. It might just be bc my laptop hates me

What went wrong when you tried to install it?

It just said that an error occured and i should look in the FAQ

I believe Rufus will only work for a Manjaro ISO if you use DD mode, did you try that?

It forced me to use dd mode so yes

Okay so this might be getting to be a bit much, but here is a workaround for when Ventoy won’t install to a Windows machine, it looks like you use Rufus to get it to install. Maybe worth a shot? :man_shrugging:

Ok imma try it at a more reasonable hour bc its like 4:30am for me

Did not help at all. It just resulted in another error: minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, tab lists possible command completions. Anywhere else tab lists possible device or file completions


Okay, back to Rufus: where are you getting this message?

Is that what comes up when you try to boot into the media? (Before getting to the installer?)

Is secure boot disabled in BIOS?

Is legacy boot disabled in BIOS?

Do you have another USB stick you can try?

This message comes up after picking an option (free or proprietary drivers) also this is an old laptop ( 2010 acer aspire 7740) so im not sure it even supports secure boot

Though i suspect its the usb drive since etcher returned an error after verifying the drive so i might just go and buy another usb drive

Worth a shot. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Most often - and the most likely cause - is a failure when writing the ISO to your usb.

When using windows - the lack of readable partition causes confusion as if the image wasn’t actually written. Usually it is - Windows doesn’t know the filesystem - ext4 - which is causing the confusion.

So what should i do?

Ok the new usb drive fixed most things except gor the titular problem

Did you check/verify the integrity of the downloaded .iso file
preferably both the one that was downloaded
the version of it after it had been written to the usb drive?

It should be rather rare that a file download is corrupted
but it happens - and it can happen that errors occur during transfer to the usb you want to use to boot it from.

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