Mount an iso file as a cd

I was having problem installing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Via direct setup so i downloaded a iso file, extracted it and install. Installation went smoothly. But when i run Grand Theft Auto San Andreas from Menu it says cd not found. Hence it needs to iso to be used as a cd to start.

If anyone Knew how to mount an iso as a cd then please help me.
It needs to be mount for wine too(i think so) or wine reads mounted devices directly from linux?

Manjaro Xfce
Intel Dual Core Processor
2 gb of ram
wine 6.10

sudo mount -t auto /path/to/iso /path/where/you/want/it -o loop,uid=1000

For more information, see… :arrow_down:

man mount

wine is only a translation layer, not a virtual machine. It has access to whatever the underlying system has access, provided that the permissions on the mountpoint allow it.

Hey, Thanks for the reply i tried this but it didn’t work, but its GtaSa i can’t leave this game so i find a way to start it. The Fault was in its executable file (gta_sa.exe) it was the one asking for its dvd, so i downloaded a executable file for pc and BOOYAH!! it worked. Thanks

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