Motu Traveler Firewire drivers broken

Hi everyone!

I was most pleased to find the alsa-firewire stack working on my motu traveler (mk1 and mk3) since kernel 6.0 rc.
in RC4 inputs and outputs were working well,also midi.
But then unfortunately, I was unaware that RCs get updated automatically and so my working kernel got removed,
Now Alsa-Firewire drivers in 6.1.1-1 are a mess - freezing and showing outputs but no inputs in the configuration of sound.
Any way to get the RC4 back so I can work with this system until its fixed in the newer kernel releases?
BTW - firewire for Motu wasn’t in the 5.15 kernel. I’m aware that this problem could be nothing to do with Manjaro developement as Sparky also lost its firewire support, probabaly removed intentionally from the kernel.
Oh, also, I’m fairly new to Linux but not to pro audio :slight_smile:

Maybe this will help.;O=D

Thanks herbie, I can see there that Ubuntu has modified kernels and assume Manjaro has too.
To save time it would help me to be able to use the original Manjaro 6.0.0 RC4 if there is a download area for Manjaro available anywhere. (That should finally teach me to keep Timeshift backups)

It’s all been fixed now.

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