Motherboard(?) makes weird beeping sound when using Ctrl+F

Hello, when I use Ctrl+F in websites, I can hear a weird beep coming from inside my PC, kinda like the one you hear when entering BIOS but lower pitched. It only happens as soon as Ctrl+F can’t find the word I’m looking for and I can pretty succesfully replicate it. Should I be concerned? I’m running KDE Plasma

Well, many applications play a beep if not match found when using Ctrl+F. I’m not sure why you hear it from the motherboard(?). Does this happen with other sounds?

Don’t think so, only this weird beeping. I don’t even have any audio device plugged into the PC right now, the beeping is coming physically from the PC itself. Other example was when I was pressing random keys on my keyboard (without CTRL+F), the motherboard beeped again, but I can’t replicate that now. Only with CTRL+F.

I have a suspicion that it might be the “bell character”. Could you enable terminal bell in your terminal emulator and run echo -e "\a" and check if you hear anything?

Opened up Terminator which is a terminal emulator I think (very new to linux overall, sorry), and entered the command. It returned nothing else and I heard no beeping sound.

Did you enable the terminal bell?

I just enabled it and tried the command again. It beeped, and it’s the same exact beep as with Ctrl+F.

I guess then it’s solved. I think it’s pretty harmless. Does inxi -Aazy show any audio devices, by the way?

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