Most reliable set up for bluetooth sound output

Hi, any help/tips would be appreciated, please:

Current installation:

A 4 years old, but up-to-date, mainstream Manjaro installation, with current 5.19.17-1 kernel, a (potentially) messed up Pipewire + Pulse + Alsa? + Bluetooth SW and config. But I don’t think I have any related hand-made changes in any custom start up/init scripts. Any related software was installed and kept up to date with the standard “Add/Remove Software.”


  • "Settings application > Bluetooth and “Bluetooth Manager” (I guess it’s the gnome-bluetooth-3.0 Manjaro package, I’m not sure) application either don’t connect to my bluetooth earbuds and I get “le-connection-abort-by-local” (I did search for it, I don’t think I have the same issue as Bluetooth: Issues connecting with bluetooth devices after service restart (br-connection-profile-unavailable | le-connection-abort-by-local) (#2247) · Issues · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab), or only one earbud connects. Occasionally it works, but unreliable.

  • With several my bluetooth devices and many neighbors’ bluetooth devices around, “Bluetooth Manager” lists them. As I click to rename my devices, at least twice it renamed a wrong device.

  • If related: I couldn’t get a bluetooth clicker/button navigator work well either. At best it connects as a “keyboard” (as listed by “Bluetooth Manager”), but then it disconnects immediately.


  • The same bluetooth devices (earbuds and clicker/pointer) work well with an Android phone, and
  • Sound works well over a USB (cabled) headset.


The most robust way (and mid future-proof, if possible) to connect bluetooth earbuds/earphones (playing/listening is enough - microphone is not needed), especially when playing from current, standard Manjaro-packed Firefox.


  • Despite Manjaro/Arch being a rolling release, I DID see that a brand new installation of Manjaro looks different to what I have (for example, “Add/Remove Software” has Snap or what support, and maybe other options, too). Would a brand new installation be likely to solve this mess?

  • Any fairly easy tips on fixing my current mess, please?

  • Can a (5 years old HP Spectre laptop) built-in bluetooth adapter cause the problem - is it much better with USB-to-bluetooth adapters?

  • I can switch to kernel 6 - but would it make a difference?

  • Any other applications to try?

  • Any expected/heard of improvements of Manjaro, kernel, libraries or related applications coming out soon?

Thank you in advance. Apologies for my confusion.

Installed packages (as listed by Add/Remove Software, ones that I know may be related - could there be any others?) All are curent versions:

  • gnome-bluetooth-3.0
  • bluez, bluez-utils, bluez-libs,
  • pipewire-pulse, pipewirte-audio, pipewire-media-session, gst-plugin-pipewire, pipewire-alsa, pipewire-jack, pipewire-pulse, kpipewire
  • many alsa-*, alsa-firmware, manjaro-alsa, pulseaudio-alsa
  • pulseaudi-equalizer-ladspa, pulseaudio-ctl, libpulse, lib32-libcanberra, pipewire-alsa, pulseaudio-alsa, lib32-libpulse, pipewire-pulse, libcanberra.

time and timeover, pipewire remains the best supported audio stack for bluetooth. be it HD bluetooth codecs, AVRCP, A2DP, etc. support out-of-the-box.

when in doubt about pipewire stack always resort to installing manjaro-pipewire package and proceed to install/uninstall packages as instructed.

when meddling with issues with previously paired devices, always delete the device in the list of paired devices and re-pair them

despite your up-to-date system looking/configured differently to a newly installed system, there is nothing preventing you from making it look/configure the same way as a new system. just that you should not expect mere system update to make it look/configure as a brand-new installation would. the update system would only ask you to manually intervene if the newly added/changed configuration is deemed necessary with a new update to the relevant packages (in form of .pacnew files)

WIFI/Bluetooth combo cards are notorious for going kaput all the time.

chances are minimal that you’ll gain anything of value running the latest kernel in a 5yr old laptop. stick to latest LTS kernel.

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