More Manjaro Wallpapers


Here are a couple new wallpapers…

second one fractal art by Vidom /

@badbodh Variant of #1 / could not get complete background to greyish white but did a green / grey white variant :slight_smile:


I really like the second one, is that Mandelbulb?


me likey the first one too. Any variants coming up ?
I request a variant - white/light-grey background, maybe with maia green instead of yellow.


WOW! That first one is EPIC! JEEEEEEZZZZZ


I agree! :slight_smile:


@fraterchaos Yes, Mandelbulb it was done by Vidom@ Deviantart


cool, I’ve been friends with Vidom for some time on dA… he’s one of the best at these “architectural” type renders


@fraterchaos Indeed !


Nice :slight_smile: Especially the green reinvision.
But if we’re allowed to be picky - I just wish for no diamonds.


I like the green one! NICE! I would use it as a lock screen, just beautiful


Thanks everyone for the looks, likes & feedback :slight_smile:

@cscs Manjaro comes with Gimp… :open_mouth: :grin:


A simple wallpaper I made summing up my feeling on Manjaro and Open Source in General.


too black. Adding something to the background may help.

Besides, stallman says “open” is weaker than “free”. You should be promoting the philosophy of “free”.


I guess different people are going to have different interpretations. I created the wallpaper for personal use then decided to share it. I have no agenda to promote especially between free and open.


i have only one agenda - spew nonsense :grin:


Sometimes yes, but some of your post are very insightful and thought provoking. Like the one above. You made people aware of the free vs open debate.


:scream: Nooo! No debate. It was satire.


What can I say you have an awesome wit.


one does what they are best at…


Funny, the second one crashed my Xorg when I tried to use as wallpaper, but the second time worked.
Anyway, nice wallpapers selection.