Insync Cloud File Replicator Support

Anyone using insync? It’s a cloud replication client for Linux. I’ve used it for some years now, but switching from Ubuntu to Manjaro has left me clueless. I’ve asked them foe source so I can try to compile.

The insync package is in the AUR repository.
What is AUR and how to install packages from that repository can be consulted on this page of the Manjaro Wiki: Arch User Repository - Manjaro Linux

Exactly, you can install it from AUR via Pamac, and set the automatic updates, also there are available the different integration desktops. That’s what I do.

Hello and welcome to the forum @stevebarnes :slight_smile:

To be pointy insync is a proprietary program so there aren’t source to compile, however the prebuild packages can be re-packaged trough as the other guys said

Thank you! I looked but couldn’t see it. I do have AUR switched on. I’ll check again. Got it working :slight_smile:

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