More like feature removal, but why is dtd-wayland included everywhere?

I’ve installed both unconfigured KDE and XFCE from manjaro architect, and found dtd-wayland in the bin folder. As I understand it, it’s an executable for a workaround for dash to dock to work on gnome wayland. But… why is it there on a KDE system…? Is it part of the base packages? Would it be better as part of the desktop environment packages?
On the preconfigured XFCE environment it was in the startup applications section, that’s when I first noticed it and thought it might have something to do with GTK, but it was there on KDE as well.

Is part of manjaro-system

The desktop file has a specific entry to run only in GNOME.
Inside /etc/xdg/autostart/ there are specific startup desktop files for each DE but do not run on all of them.
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Is there any particular reason to make this part of the manjaro system and not preconfigured manjaro gnome?

Is there a particular reason you don’t want that small file on your filesystem, when you know it’s not getting run at all?

The reason I don’t want it on my filesystem is because it’s not getting run at all. It’s not a major complaint, just thought it would be better suited to manjaro-gnome-vanilla because it is a file specific to gnome.

manjaro-system has specific patches for multiple DE’s trough the script in it, for various things. Also there are common fixes/patches common to all DE’s … so, if you have a viable solution for spiting them, please share it with us.

Ah right. I guess that’s not possible then (well, it might be, but I’m nowhere near competent enough to provide any reasonable suggestion). Hadn’t occurred to me that way. Running patches for individual desktop environments supported by Manjaro is probably more hassle than it’s worth.