More bleeding edge Manjaro version

I tried Arch and really like bleeding edge, but i want to stay with Manjaro community.
If i’ve got a point about branches.

Arch Linux + Manjaro stable = Manjaro stable
Arch Linux + Manjaro testing = Manjaro testing
Arch Linux + Manjaro unstable = Manjaro unstable

  • Manjaro unstable have same version packages like Arch, but Manjaro stable doesn’t have it.
  • Could i use Arch linux repo directly to hold packages with same version like Arch, but keep stable packages mainteined under Manjaro stable?
  • It could be more bleeding edge and keep it stability like Manjaro stable branch.

If it possible how can i do it?

I really doubt it. Pacman packages generally don’t have dependency version constraints so if you will pull some Arch (or Manjaro unstable) package to your stable system you will run into library compatibility issues.
I would say for bleeding edge just try unstable branch. It still stable enough (well Arch users use it and don’t complain about instability all the time).
There is also a way to use (the most bleeding edge) -git packages from AUR and compile it yourself against Manjaro stable libs but it will lead to recompiling every time lib updates.

Okay, but Arch packages is stable enough, but Manjaro unstable packages could brake something. That’s exactly what i want to avoid it.

Well I think Manjaro’s own stable packages are also compiled against Arch’s libs that in stable now so it’s as well really unlikely that you will get this setup working.


Okay, i hasn’t know it about this detail. Thank you! I go to switch to Manjaro unstable branch and will give feedback for users who want to only stable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Basically, if you want a more bleeding edge experience, you can go up the chain. But you can’t really mix them.
Arch > Manjaro Unstable > Manjaro Testing > Manjaro Stable

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You cannot - and should not - mix Arch and Manjaro repositories.

Running Manjaro on the entry branch named ‘unstable’ is mostly identical to Arch stable - with the exception of kernels, kernel modules, nvidia drivers and utils and of course the Manjaro exclusive packages like mhwd and other utils.

Also there is a couple of other Arch specific packages which are excluded due to incompatibility because they are very Arch specific.

You cannot mix stable and unstable branch - it will make your system prone to infesting of unspeakable horrors and general unstablilty.

Should you decide at some point to go all-in on Arch - it is incredibly simple to convert Manjaro to pure Arch.

The time taken to convert is 15-30 minutes depending on your system. I keep my notes up-to-date by doing the exercise from time to time.