Monitoring Ethernet connection failures

Hey fellow Manjarovians. I want to monitor how often my Ethernet connection has fails during the day and at what time. Is there someone who knows a recommended software package to do that?


Here is a list of network monitoring tools Category:Network monitoring - ArchWiki

Thank you. But these all seem too “complex” for the simple feature I’m looking for. I’m going to use the following command in the meantime:

ping -i 6 | while read pong; do echo "$(date): $pong"; done > eth-ping-test1.txt

well, this monitors reachability of To have a look at your local Ethernet, i would recommend simply 'netstat -i -c.


I want to test if my Ethernet reaches the Internet, does netstat do that too? Sometimes I cannot reach the Internet via the Ethernet while my WLAN (Wi-Fi) works just fine. I want to log how frequently that happens.

if your WLAN works fine, then it indeed may be the Ethernet. Can you record netstat output in parallel to your pings and see if some errors (RX_ERR,TX-ERR, drops) occure just before the ping losses?
If so, check the cabling.


The netstat command isn’t conveniently available so I’m gonna stick with ping for now. I changed the electricity socket of my HomePlug, and replaced an Ethernet cable and for now my Eth connection hasn’t dropped yet.

To be clear, this problem has nothing to do with Manjaro, it happened on disparate devices and operating systems.

$ journalctl -u NetworkManager

This command will show when network connection disconnected or reconnected since last boot

journalctl -b0 -u NetworkManager | grep -e DISCONNECTED -e CONNECTING