Monitor problem after latest update

Hello. i hope this right forum to this…

after latest update my primary monitor (1.old fujitsu siemens - 2. hpw2207h) start make a small but annoying buzzing noise. It started after the update reboot.

i try downgrade some,

one by ai → solution:

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/qt5-base-5.15.12+kde+r150-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
sudo pacman-key --verify /var/cache/pacman/pkg/qt5-base-5.15.12+kde+r150-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst.sig

so… if i do ai recommends operation , → any possible problems coming ??

or could the problem be something else?

(i find timeshift one boot too late for lazy solution :slight_smile: )

Ask AI.

zbe , thats so funny. ai just say me: i should take contact some forum. … i still dont like vision where i’m together with console mode.

downgrade didnt solve that nasty problem…

There is no actual “I” (actual intelligence) in “AI” - it’s LLM’s (large language models).

What is the actual problem?
The buzzing noise?

It may just be a coincidence.

Use a different kernel - an LTS one, for instance.

Provide system information so that people willing to help can go beyond mere speculation. :wink:

Please show some respect to our helpful volunteers who may try and help you by using actual words and correcting your spelling.

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:warning: Downgrading packages is not supported. It will leave you in a partial upgrade state and will more than likely cause more problems than it solves.

NEVER blindly copy and paste things you found on the internet without understanding what they do–especially from useless AI.

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Sometimes an old power supply will just start buzzing, I read it’s because power supply components can become loose over time. It will likely sound like a 50 or 60 Hz buzz depending on your AC supply.

I have two old monitors (10+ and 20+ years old) with power-supplies that will buzz if I lower their brightness below about 90%. So the way a power-supply is loaded may also cause issues.

You might eliminate the operating system as the cause by plugging the monitor into another PC, or by booting a different live-distro USB-stick.

Well. Strange. I got an older HKC Monitor, and it did start buzzing too after an update.
Strange is, that it only buzz, when i am at the TTY and there is more text.
When i “clear” the console again, buzzing is gone, also there is no buzzing at the GUI.

If you have some skills at tinkering, you can even try to look at the circuit board, look for broken connections and resolder them, or replace the capacitors, after you discharged them with a screwdriver or similar. There are not really much parts, what can get damaged by itself. Some boards are very simple builds, but some are not even accessible, depends at the manufacturer. But its an easy way to expand the lifetime from a monitor.

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