Monitor connected to laptop is glitchy and my laptop is blank

Hi. So I managed to get my laptop and monitor working last time since the last post this time, but something isn’t clearly right. My laptop is blank and I can still move my mouse on it, drag things on it but it would just be a looping window like solitaire when you beat it. How can I fix this? I’ll provide any info needed as I’m not too familiar with what to do. :grinning:

Edit: Just to clarify, everything works fine on the monitor as long as I don’t reveal the desktop background as it tries to mimic the laptops resolution I believe. If something is full screen, it works fine but I want 2 screens if that’s even possible.

Edit 2: Apparently the same concept is on my laptop. It doesn’t display the desktop though, but when I drag a window and fullscreen it, it works. But I don’t want the buggy-ness of the displays. How can I fix this? :sob: