Modprobe: FATAL: Module bcache not found

I seem to have misplaced my bcache kernel module:

# modprobe bcache
modprobe: FATAL: Module bcache not found in directory /lib/modules/5.15.84-1-MANJARO-ARM-RPI

How do I restore it?

Reinstalling linux-rpi4 and bcache-tools didn’t help.

The raspberry pi kernel is not built with bcache enabled…

Would you consider putting bcache in -extramodules packages, or in the kernel packages themselves to align with non-ARM Manjaro?

I’m moving my NAS from a Manjaro laptop that died to a RPi.

I’ve searched about a bit and couldn’t find a guide for finding the PKGBUILD and tweaking the config for the existing kernels. Could you please link me up, @Strit?

I can do this for the next builds of the rpi kernels.

The PKGBUILD for the linux-rpi4 kernel is here:

Thanks for both immediate and long-term solutions!! :1st_place_medal::partying_face:

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I see in config there is now the line:

Cheers for sorting this out in the official linux-rpi4 package so quickly!

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