Moderator Appreciation Day!

Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Community Manager, I solemnly declare August 9th the Manjaro Forum Moderator Appreciation Day!

Let’s welcome our newest member to the Moderator team, @megavolt! He’s been a long-time member and helpful volunteer.

Our Moderators volunteer their time to make the Manjaro Forum a welcoming place.

@Aragorn @Fabby @eugen-b @Wollie @excalibur1234 @mbb

Special thanks also to @El_Brujo who was only able to contribute as a Moderator for a short time. He’s welcome back anytime.

I’d also like to honor our valued T3 & T4 members as well! They also volunteer their time and some could be our next Moderators.


Forum administrating and moderating is a tough gig, especially when it also serves as a place to provide support.

Thank you all for your wisdom and keeping the place up and running.


Happy moderation day then, the 10th of August (depending on the timezone :slight_smile: ), and thank you very much. It runs surprisingly civilized here.
I have administered/moderated for 5-6-7 years. It was a company/support forum at the beginning, then it grew in other topics as well, then the company was gone and a small team continued as freebie public forum for another couple of years, as it often happens with freetime projects it gradually died without enough time and money. Boy, i was happy. I mean i was sad, but i was also felt free again and the pressure to be there nonstop or to apply some security update that breaks my wonderful theme or translation the whole night even on vacation was gone :slight_smile: So - big respect and applause for the hard work.

p.s. I am currently extremely active here because i am on an extended vacation between jobs. I will try to stay around after that, but probably not that intensive.:frowning: :crying_cat_face:


Much grass! :vulcan_salute:

Any day can be moderator appreciation day! Completely missed this one (and probably wasn’t even near a computer) but I’d just like to send a big thank you your way. I didn’t ask anything today, but found all answers and solutions to some update issues I had here, which were more than clear enough to solve them. These discussions were already closed so I’ll just resort to this thread to express my gratitude. I realize you’re volunteers (and my donations will merely be used to keep the gears running) yet at the same time I’m finding more and better support here than I can get for a commercial product! Keep up the great work!


So far I have seen ZERO moderator abuse on this forum.
I can only congratulate you on this special day and applaud you for all the great work you do! :clap: :clap: :clap:

May all the walls-of-texts show it’s absence this VERY special day! :heart:


Thanks Mods, for a safe and (mostly) sane place :grin: :smile_cat:

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Mos’ Def’!! :+1: