Modem not showing up

I’ve been happily daily-driving my PinePhone for the past year and about a month and a half ago (when Pine64 posted their June Update talking about it) I flashed the community firmware, because it looked like a good thing to do
It had been working well for about a month, it was just a bit less stable, however, nothing to be mad about.
Then I went on a hike to Bulgaria and as soon as I left the Czech Republic (where I live), the modem became very unstable - it couldn’t be detected half the time. I have no idea whether that was caused by the new firmware, different operator or something absolutely different.
When I was in Bulgaria (without a PC or a laptop and a free microSD card), I updated my OS on a free wifi and I encountered a freezing issue with Phosh ([ARM Stable Update] 2022-08-03 - Firefox, KDE Gear, Code and Kernels - #22 by lgtrombetta), leaving me with a half-usable OS and my modem nearly stopped showing up (it still did show up sometimes)
Even though I’m back home and I reflashed the OS and fixed all the issues, my modem doesn’t show up regardless of the position of the DIP switches, so I can’t call, text, use data, nor can I flash older firmware and then reflash the new one because in order for that to work, the modem has to show up and stay that way through the flashing process …
Do you have any troubleshooting advice or knowledge to share? I would love to see my PinePhone working properly again :cry:

Have you tried removing the sim card before attempting to reflash the modem firmware? I found the flashing process to be much more stable this way.

Right now I have my SIM card in an old Nokia and I’m waiting for the modem to show up so that I can try to flash the new 0.6.8 firmware …

Tried it a couple times when it showed up, however, it always disconnected during the process of flashing the firmware.
Any ideas what I can try next?

So it doesn’t work nor show up at all.
I’m thinking of getting a new mainboard in which case I’d be interested in using the old one board as an SBC. Has anyone tried it? Is it possible/usable? :wink: