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Hi! I am running the 4.23 release on a PinePhone Beta. On Verizon. The modem manager sends sms reliably, but rarely receives sms. Is this normal? Clues that might be relevant include the fact that the modem number changes (from 0 to 24) on a random basis, reassigning on each boot. I see many reports of similar issues, but no reports that sms is functioning normally. Kindly respond with your modem manager and SpaceBar experience…

I have a great many friends and acquaintances who would migrate off their iPhones if linux sms worked reliably, but alas, I cannot report that it does. Yet…


Release of what? Plasma Mobile provided by Manjaro is 5.27.4 and the kernel is 6.1 …
When did you last updated or did you tried one of the new images?

If you are unhappy with Plasma Mobile you can always flash Phosh (more reliable in all regards) and use that instead.
Anyway, i can’t say that receiving SMS was one of the issues i encountered.

You can download newer images from Manjaro Development Pinephone Images · GitHub or see the latest announcements here on the forum. Make sure you do not download the image for PinePhone Pro.

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Title says poll but there is no poll …

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The April 2023 release of Plasma Mobile (pulled off github and installed about a week ago).

Thank you for the suggestion - I will take a look at Phosh. Frankly, I can’t tell if I’m unhappy with Plasma Mobile or not, because I can’t tell where the problem is coming from and if it is unique to me. Thus the Poll (and thank you for responding).

Lol, that’s because I didn’t realize we could create an actual poll. Nice.

Same issue with phosh. I cannot get MMGUI to run on either plasma or phosh. I am beginning to suspect that this is an issue with the verizon interface… Or my phone. Don’t know where to begin to debug…

Time for an X Prize? $250.00 to anyone who can restore sms connectivity for PinePhone to Verizon on Plasma? Nobody is going to use any of this without basic functionality…

I wonder if you saw this topic Verizon (US) in-coming texts

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Yes. Based on the fact that I get occasional SMS and the MMCLI list command indicates that there is nothing there, I had assumed that the issue is different.

However, giving Verizon a call can’t hurt. I’ll report back on how that goes…

Greetings all, and apologies for the inordinate delay. The short of it is:

  1. I pulled 2 tickets with Verizon, and spent most of a morning with a level 2 tech who tried to synchronize the modem to the network. No luck.

  2. I went to a corporate Verizon store where the tested the SIM card. It took messages on an apple phone they popped it into.

  3. Pinephone beta is not getting SMS in Spacebar, or through MMCLI.

  4. Pinephone beta gets MMS notifications but cannot download them.

  5. Pinephone beta can send SMS, just not receive. It was getting SMS for the first few weeks I had it.

My hunch is that the network protocols have changed and the modem manager has not been updated, but that’s just a guess.

X-Prize still in play…

Have you tried clearing the modem’s incoming message queue (AT+CMGD=1,4 – that deletes all the messages stored in the modem and/or on the SIM card, append ,"SM" to delete from the SIM card specifically or ,"ME" to delete from the modem specifically)? It may be clogged from the MMS messages that the PinePhone’s software failed to download.

(In principle, there is also a queue on the carrier end that can get clogged from unfetched MMS, but that seems to clearly not be the case for you, or you would also not get the MMS notifications and the test the Verizon store did with the Apple phone also did not end up in a way compatible with a clogged carrier-end queue.)

Yes. I’ll try it again though. You raise an interesting point. When I was working with Verizon, they would attempt to send test messages. Verizon was telling me that the queue on their end showed that the messages were sent, but they were not showing in spacebar or MMCLI. Might be something of a clue…

Ok, on 9/6 I started receiving text messages again, randomly. Did not have a chance to do anything. It just started working again. So I am elated, but bewildered… Further to the cosmic anomalies of the last few, days I was ubered to the airport by a retired AT&T network engineer that explained what an APN is (a key to different areas of network functionality) and swore that the problem with the phone’s lack of support for MMS was the APN. So he plugged in the vzwapp APN, and voila, I get MMS messages now. All very weird, but good…

Any ideas on why sms started working on the 26th?