Modem Manager Issue (?)

New to actually using Linux (as opposed to super casual use) and trying to learn it so I got the PinePhone as a way to push myself to start in a heavy-handed manner.

I’m running into an issue where I can send SMS but am unable to receive, and not sure if it’s related to the issue but in my attempts to find answers I ran modemmanager --debug and got a warning on “could not acquire the ‘org.freedesktop.ModemManager1’ service name” and info of “ModemManager is shut down”.

Is this the root of my problems and how do I rectify this?


Without knowing if you run into this issue with the original installed system, hard to tell. Right now Phosh is at beta10 tag, while most phones come with beta1 and 2 if i’m not mistaken. So, would be great you get the latest release, flash it on the pinephone and see if the issue persists.

Mind you, sometimes just updating is not enough atm, and issues are fixed on newer images.

Okay, I’ll reflash the image and see what happens.

It shipped with Plasma and a couple weeks back I replaced it with phosh, may have been the beta9 image. If it works, great, if not, what’s next?

Some more fixes will get into it, in time.
Report any inconsistencies you find, and the team will look into it.
For instance i was not able to connect trough GSM to internet, and now is working even tho is a bit slow. Couldn’t receive phone calls and now is working a bit better: 3 success from 5 attempts