Modem 4G connection

I have a manjaro installed on a Lenovo X240 with a 4G adapter:

Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV N5321

From the upgrade to gnome 3.38 I don’t see this connection from the system menu but I can connect using modem-manager and also using the Network tab (Rete in my italian localization) from the Settings gnome program.

I remember the same problem in a previous upgrade but I cannot remember the solution and I cannot find anything in the forum.

This is the report from nmcli when connected

cdc-wdm2: collegato to TIM Maxxi Alice/Internet
    gsm (cdc_wdm, cdc_acm, cdc_mbim), hw, iface wwp0s20u4i6, mtu 1500
    predefinito ip4

Yeah - I am on the same boat. My request for help did not get any atention sadly. I think, back when it had happened it got some day fixed through a gnome update.
When I recall correctly its in the gnome code that it detects the WWAN as a wired connection and thus does not show it as what it is.

Really when I connect using ModemManager the system menu shows the icon from the wired connection

Yes - Gnome shell treats it like a wired LAN; Activating in MM acts kinda like plugging the cable into your RJ45 nic port.