Mobile data in waydroid

To get waydroid use wifi data, waydroid seems to create a bridge called waydroid0 that is slaved(?) to wlan0, the wifi port of my pinephone pro.

To get mobile data working on my pinephone, I created an APN to my carrier using
$ sudo nmcli connection edit type gsm con-name "GPRS"

I have the following interfaces on my pinephone:

  • lo
  • wlan0
  • vethuY53zS
  • waydroid0
  • wwan0

Since waydroid0 is a bridge, I assume that vethuY53zS is waydroid’s networking interface. So I tried to set up a connection and a bridge between that interface and wwan0 like this:

$ sudo nmcli con add type bridge ifname waydroid1
$ sudo nmcli con add type gsm con-name waydroid1 ifname wwan0 master vethuY53zS

But when I try to bring this up it tells me the type is wrong and waydroid doesn’t start anymore.

Can someone tell me what I’m missing here?