MMS not working with Amaysim (optus) (point releases requested by purism)

So I have been in conversation with the Purism people regarding MMS. My carrier (amaysim, a subsidiary of optus) and other Australian carriers seem to create problems regarding multiple access point names for data and mms. Thing is, the manjaro ARM image for the pinephone contains some obscure chatty images that the Purism people themselves seem confused about. They have asked me to ask the Manjaro team to use point releases to solve the issue here. I don’t know how to do this so I am creating an issue here. The link to that discussion is here.

You can switch to the testing branch or wait till the update is getting to the stable branch. Seems I’ve to explain which version of the package we use. We even post the exact git commit. Anyway, your needed changes are not yet in the stable branch.


No worries, just passing the message along

You know, it might help just to let the Purism people know this is the setup. It seems they are not aware and more communication between parties that are jointly developing for the same hardware couldn’t hurt.

We communicate and the author of the mms-tng actually knows, but is not used to versions with additional git commits. I’ll comment on that one when I get to it.

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