MKVToolNix broken after last stable update

A problem has been detected with this installation of MKVToolNix:
The versions of mkvmerge (51.0.0) and the GUI (1..) differ.
Certain functions won't work correctly in this situation. Please re-install MKVToolNix or fix the problem manually.

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
Now the video is packaged incorrectly, MediaInfo shows incorrect bitrate and fps.

An Arch bug report was filed last week:
FS#68581 - [mkvtoolnix-gui] The versions of mkvmerge (51.0.0) and the GUI (1…) differ

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I emailed Maxime Gauduin, and Maxime mentioned that he has provided a fix v51.0.0.3 to this issue.
Any chance Manjaro can implement the fix asap?

51.0.0-3 is already in the unstable branch.

There is official AppImage
Or you can use ffmpeg, Avidemux. Depending on what you need, of course.

Can you guide me to the repository for unstable branch?
I refreshed the database of my Pacman, and still showing
Or is the coming to stable branch soon?

You can either switch to the unstable branch or wait for it to make it to the stable branch.

Installing the new package directly normally isn’t a good idea, but in this case it should be alright since it was just a rebuild with the same libraries. You can either grab it from an up to date Manjaro mirror or from Arch, it’s the same package.

Many thanks!

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