Mkv files invisible in Nautilus (search only)

I noticed a bug in Nautilus when i launch a search: the mkv files are absent; but when i go to the directory, i can see the files without problems.
To put it in a nutshell, i can see the mkv files but they don’t appear when i search them (video search not all search).

I specify i’m on kde but i like using nautilus.

Same for you or did i miss a thing?


I use Gnome with Nautilus, mkv files appear well in Search.

I could use my 2nd Manjaro system with KDE to test but as it’s set with Dolphin, it won’t mimic your behaviour.

As it’s KDE, is search provided by baloo or kfind, even if using Nautilus? I don’t really know. Does mkv search works in your system with Dolphin?

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With dolphin, the mkv files appear but not with kfind… :face_with_monocle:

I think i’ll rename all mkv files with krename, it will be faster and efficient.


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