Mistranslation for the "Keyboard" string in the "Settings" Menu for Vietnamese

In Vietnamese, the current translation for Keyboard is

Bàm Phím => This is a typo.

Correct typo is Bàn Phím => Correct spelling is an “N”. Not an “M”.

This typo made it so that the entire string is wrong. Thus leading to search for this string in the Settings Menu also doesn’t work if you correctly type it.

Just a minor bug. Hope to get it fixed soon. Thank you.

Edit: I usually use English as main display language however I’ve tried Vietnamese before way back in the early Gnome 40.1 era and this typo was there ever since. Would be cool to finally end this typo once and for all :smiley: .

Here is the contact information where to find the GNOME translations for Vietnamese: Vietnamese or to help out fixing it yourself

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