Missing UEFI choice when creating a VM

I am trying to create a gaming vm however i get lost at this step I am only given one option that is bios, in the tutorials I am following I see that i need uefi, any help on this issue or solution,

for reference my setup

  • 5800x cpu

  • 6800xt gpu

  • Aurous x570 elite wifi motherboard

-Manjaro Linux OS

You’d be better off using Proton to run Windows games than give yourself a headache trying to do what you’re doing. It depends what game(s) you want to run. Check how well they do on ProtonDB if you haven’t already.

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thanks but I dont give up that easy especially because it feels good to figure something out

I completely understand that and wish you well on your endeavor then. However, my advice still stands. :wink:

To make a gaming VM, you’d need to do GPU passthrough, which also means you’d need to run 2 GPUs at the same time, one for the host, one for the guest. One could be an iGPU, and the VM using the dGPU. But your CPU doesn’t have an iGPU, so you’ll need to get yourself a 2nd GPU.

After you get your 2nd GPU, your best bet is to go to /r/VFIO subreddit and then read and follow their wiki

Note: This is a big pain in the ass to do.

I am a heavy gamer and I game just on Manjaro. The only thing I can’t play are Windows-only games that uses anti-cheat, which is what some people use VFIO to be able to play.

Yep I want to do VFIO GPU Passthrough since at least a year exactly for that reason, never found the courage to start this painful process yet. I kept my Windows 7 installation instead on a separate disk

I have a kvm with gpu passthrough,make sure you have the edk2-ovmf package.

If you want UEFI, choose “customize installation before install” in Step 5 of the installation. There is a dropdown box under:
Overview > Hypervisor Details > Firmware where you can select UEFI.

You can only do this when installing. You can’t change it after installation.