Missing Setting from System Setting after update


After the “big” update in the system settings (the gui tool), a bunch of options are missing:
-network settings
-hardware settings, driver settings
-kernel settings
these are just from the top of my mind.

How can I get those back?

With the transition from Plasma 5 to Plasma 6 you need to remove all kde plasma related files from ~/.local and ~/.config - and finally remove your ~/.cache folder.

This should preferably be done by logging out, switching to a TTY, login and remove the files.

If you find it difficult to navigate there is great terminal file manager called Midnight Commander - package mc which can visualize your filesystem

These are now to be found in manjaro-settings-manager.

I don’t know if it’s planned to re-incorporate them in systemsettings, though I imagine it is.

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Thank you

Just remove them, and that’s it?

If you do remove files in ~/.config and ~/.local, you’ll lose all of your desktop-related configuration. I left mine where it was and apart from having to tweak a few things and replace incompatible widgets, it all went smoothly.

Clearing ~/.cache on the other hand is a good idea and can’t cause any harm. You can always remove stuff from ~/.config and ~/.local if you’re unfortunate enough to have problems after the upgrade.

Deleted cache, systemd restart display-manager … nothing changed, so
I created a new user, to see what plasma related items generating in .config, .cache and .local, to delete only those on my main user account.
When I relogged to my account, the settings came back :smiley:
I can’t really understad this, but problem is solved, I guess :smiley:

Thank you all!

Not all settings btw, the driver settings, and kernel settings are only in the manjaro settings, but a lot of missing feature came back, like the network settings.

These have always been found in manjaro settings manager. ftfy :wink:

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