Missing icd.d file

Following Arch-wiki page on Vulkan and have installed everything it says and Pacman confirms.

However when I run
ls /usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/
to see what Vulkan implementation my system has it fails because icd.d does not exist.

The wiki page is a bit short on info on where this comes from and why it may fail. nvidia driver?
I have installed the nvidia 440.100-1 driver which pacman info says provides vulkan driver.

Ok using vulkaninfo looks like I do have vulkan installed and running, so what’s this icd.d folder? is it actually needed?

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From the official Vulkan docs:

Vulkan is an explicit API, enabling direct control over how GPUs actually work. As such, Vulkan supports systems that have multiple GPUs, each running with a different driver, or ICD (Installable Client Driver)

So if you only have one card, no worries; please give some feedback to the author of the Arch article itself…

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