Missing GNOME Control Center menu

gnome-control-center > privacy > Diganostics
there is no such menu…
what package do I need?

You’re right. :wink:

Are you thinking of maybe Privacy > Device Security?

Tip: Always check optional dependencies:

pacman -Qi gnome-control-center | less -p 'Optional Deps'


None. It does not show up, maybe it is hidden by default, I don’t know. However, you can search for “diagnostics” in Gnome Settings and a open this menu page.

That’s odd. It does not appear for me unless I search for it. I didn’t even know it existed on Manjaro. :exploding_head:

@pch76 The Diagnostics menu appears in your screenshot. :wink:

Why are you asking and what do you hope to accomplish?

We should not have to poke and prod you. Please see:

This is not my screenshot, I don’t have such a menu, that’s why I asked what kind of package I need to install in order to have diagnostics

I get a feeling that’s not gnome, or part of it. And obviously not of Manjaro. So I think you’d need to find out from whoevers screenshot that is, what package it belongs to. And if it’s applicable to you.


a Very quick search lead me to this page, that states:

@raggesilver - I was able to resolve this issue by running:

sudo pacman -S gnome-firmware

This package will depend on fwupd and should fetch all the necessary dependencies.

And gnome-firmware is in the extra repository:

$ pamac search gnome-firmware
gnome-firmware-git  3.36.0.r40.g96cc9e4-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AUR
GNOME application to update, reinstall and downgrade firmware on devices supported by fwupd
gnome-firmware  43.2-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  extra
Manage firmware on devices supported by fwupd

So you could try that and see if it helps:

pamac install gnome-firmware

If not,


But I hope it helps!

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That’s only related to the Device Security panel and all that is required is fwupd. :wink:

As far as the Diagnostics panel, I believe it’s hidden by default as Manjaro does not have anything setup for problem reporting like Ubuntu and Fedora does.

Cool. Thanks!


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