Missing gamma settings under "Display and monitor"

I did a fresh install from a bootable USB driveof the latest Manjaro LTS version and then installed all updates using sudo pacman -Syyu. The “Gamma” tab was there before the update, although I only noticed it was gone when I actually wanted to manually calibrate my monitor. Before I updated my monitor I installed all my coding and drawing tools(Aseprite build from source, Vs code, etc).


I reinstalled the following after reading some old reddit posts:

  • KScreen v. 5.27.11-1
  • Kgamma v. 5.27.11-1

When removing kscreen and kgamma the “Display configuration” disappeared and reappeared when installing it.

My “Display and monitor” looks like this:

How can I get the “Gamma” tab back?

Hi @lloyd190 and welcome to the Manjaroi community.

Sorry, but being that Manjaro is a rolling release an LTS version simply does not exist. Additionally, please do not use sudo pacman -Syyu to perform an update; the correct command is:

sudo pacman -Syu

Notice that there is only a single y used in this command, as it should be for a typical update.

How did you install these? Are they from the official Manjaro repositories or from the AUR; are they containerized versions such a snap or flatpak?

Woeps, yeah I knew about the rolling release; don’t really know why I said that. They were installed automatically but I reinstalled them using the pamac package manager.

I found out that Gamma is not available for me on Wayland but it is on x11, so the problem is solved.

Using Pamac, it’s easy to miss where a package actually came from if you happen to be particularly rushed. This is why I usually suggest to use only pacman; and use Pamac only if a package that absolutely must come from elsewhere.

Wayland is progressing in leaps and bounds; keep watching it closely.


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