Missing font for certain letters or icons

I guess I have a missing font, in the following posts some letters are not shown correctly:

It is shown on my screen as:

It’s because the OP uses a non-utf8 character encoding. I’ve seen it many times before. :wink:

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Are you sure?

    /mnt/storage/Manjaro/profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles    master *1 ?4 ·



Maybe then it’s just because the forum doesn’t support hieroglyphs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK, so then there seem nothing to be done, I guess.

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LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 your-command-here might fix it. Ofcourse, the cyrillic user needs to apply that methodology; which is sometimes difficult to communicate.

Here’s an interesting rant on the topic of locales that might amuse you.