Missing emoji's

I noticed in recent weeks that the option for casual use of emoji - in drive-by, or passer-by mode (for want of a better description) - is no longer available.

Was there a conscious decision to remove it or does it reflect an underlying issue with Discourse? Although I’m actually glad (in some ways) to see this gone, I’m curious to know the official word on the matter.


Edit:- Thanks. I thought that I’d set that very same tag. Probably a focus misfire. :wink:


Well, the forum software was recently updated — not weeks ago, but rather a few days ago — and apparently there is a problem with some of the plugins, including the Retort plugin, which is what allows one to put an emoji onto a post.

I do not know what the exact problem was — I’m only a moderator, not an administrator — but one of the admins told me the plugin is currently disabled, and I do not know whether it will and/or can be re-enabled at some point in the near future. :man_shrugging:

Personally, I also miss the ability to simply put a reaction onto a post without needing to actually post a reply. :slightly_frowning_face:

Not a tag, but a forum category. There’s a big difference. :wink:


I’d rather see a curated set of emoji instead of the :heart: - but many probably wouldn’t agree. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes. :grin:


I’ve also just noticed that the Cheers plugin is no longer working either, by the way. :man_shrugging:


I see, or rather, I don’t see…
Gamification; that’s the name of the game plugin. I bet there are a few that will miss that. :laughing:


Personally I don’t really care much about that particular plugin — it was also only added still fairly recently in respect to the now four-year history of the forum. On the other hand, I do consider the option of being able to just stick a funny (or other) emoji onto a post quite useful.

Granted, the Retort plugin has in the past been abused by a number of people as a way of expressing their personal dislike for (if not hatred towards) certain forum members — whereby the offenders were actually unwittingly outing themselves before all members as legitimate stalkers — but for most part, that particular plugin has always added a refreshing touch of humor to the content of this forum.

And… it beats the need to post replies in the style of… :point_down:

Me too!



Yes, that annoys me too.

“Mee tooo”

Me (in the privacy of my own thoughts): Well, I don’t give a damn. How about adding something actually helpful? Did you think of that?
Oh, no, of course you didn’t… how silly of me.

I don’t mind the emojis used that way, at least, when they are used with fair intent; but as you described, can get old very quickly, though still not really harmful to anyone with a reasonable skin depth.


I’m extremely happy to find out I’m not the only one that argues with myself…


Sometimes shocking myself!

Yes, I know it’s off-topic, feel free to remove this if so wished.


Now, what I really should have done is not respond to that - just to keep you happy. :wink:


Doesn’t make a difference since it’s not an argument. :wink:


A subroutine, or parameter, perhaps… or something related… a parametric.

it’s all code to me…


a Parabolic Paramedic!

He/she/it should really get their back checked out…
I also think this thread need to move or be moved to the Member Hub


Reminiscent of lyrics from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Why not, indeed?! That’s where it started.

Solution: Instead of leaving :+1: :grin: :rofl: , now leave more love and :heart: even more than you were already doing!



I refuse! The world is sissy enough as it is. a Manly fistbump is better.



:facepalm: ← This was always my favourite;
although, the Borg probably had problems with context.

I’m not certain what that infers, in S.A.
…or anywhere else, for that matter.


That’s two emoji. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… Apparently those two emoji won’t show up for some reason. :slightly_frowning_face:


@Yochanan added that one. It wasn’t part of the original set. :wink:

I know it doesn’t show, don’t know why. Also found out the hard way. Tried it myself.

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I was looking for an Elon High Five, but it seems he doesn’t do that, at least, not in public. This is remotely related:


I bet you can thank Dall-E for that one.

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