Missing dependency in PDF Mix Tool


I installed PDF Mix Tool in the repo and when i launch it, the pictures are not rendered at all.

I noticed one dependency is missing in the package following what they say on the Gitlab :

To build PDF Mix Tool you need the following libraries and tools:

  • Qt (base, svg and tools) >= 5.11
  • qpdf (version >= 10.0.0 recommended)
  • ImageMagick (Magick++)
  • CMake >= 3.6

In my case, qt6-svg was missing, when i install this library, no rendering issue anymore

I use XFCE, i guess this is why i get this issue.

pdfmixtool is packaged by Arch. See Bug reporting guidelines - ArchWiki

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FS#71991 - Missing dependency in PDF Mix Tool : qt6-svg