Missing dependency for glances

Couldn’t find a better place to post this, please advice if there is one.

When I pacman -Sy glances and try to run glances it crashes due to missing library defusedxml which I have to manually install with pacman -Sy python-defusedxml. After installing that glances works fine.

The package maintainer is from Arch Linux, so it should be brought to his attention.

Ah, found it, thanks - it’s also been reported in the arch linux bug tracker - would link, but this system refuses links.

So, if upstream refuses to fix this for a number of months as they have - it’s considered a low priority issue, is there a process to fixing this on the Manjaro side as some sort of a patch?

It would require one of the Manjaro package maintainers to take on an extra package and keep it updated.

This is also the wrong way to install packages.

Either just install ( -S )
Or if you refresh you must also update ( -Syu )
(which is technically preferable to just installing)

But do not refresh and install … it can lead to partial upgrade.


That’s definitely one of my least favorite things about pacman, it will happily destroy your system while “everyone” apparently knows better.

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