Missing depency in git package?

Hi. I’m not sure where to post this, but it looks to me like there is a missing dependency in the git-package:

/usr/bin/gitk: line 3: exec: wish: not found
$pacman -Qo `which gitk`
/usr/bin/gitk is owned by git 2.29.2-1

As gitk is part of the git package I would think the pacakge should have a dependency so gitk works?
Where is the right place I should have reported this?

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Those are both Arch packages
(git and tk which is required for gitk)
So … I suppose its their ‘problem’ …
But I am inclined to think it is not considered a problem … tk is the first listed optional dependency in the git package:

$ pacman -Qi git

Name            : git
Version         : 2.29.2-1
Optional Deps   : tk: gitk and git gui
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Hmm, good point. I don’t remember having the problem back when I ran arch, but that installation ran for years so either I may just not remember it, or I had installed tk of other reasons.

If it was up to me I would probably then consider make a seperate package for gitk, that then depended on tk, to avoid having commands installed that do not work and that stops in weird ways.

If I were to guess it is probably down to git being bundled with gitk as if tk is a depend … but Arch doesnt think it should be a hard dep, as everything but that works without it … so make it optional and call it a day.
I havent looked or anything … but I wouldnt be surprised at something similar.

gitk is not required for git to function, hence being optional. wish is part of tk, what does that have to do with git itself?

The gitk executable comes in git package.
But it wont function without wish.

Right, but if one never wants to use gitk, they’d never notice and won’t need tk. :wink:

Certainly true for me … never noticed this ‘discrepancy’ as I just use git itself :woman_shrugging:

It does at first appear odd. But I think its a case of upstream bundling and Arch rather changing the deps up a bit than chopping up the package.