Missing "active application" icons in the bottom right corner (system tray)

Hello everyone

This must have happend a few days ago.
I am not aware that I changed any settings on xcfe or installed any software (except the updates that manjaro offered).

In the bottom right corner of the screen I see xfce displaying the volumen icon, the date and time and the green “Log out” button - however, until recently, it also showed the active applications (such as dropbox, steam, chrome, etc.) - those active applications icons are now gone. Even the network icon is gone.

First I thought something crashed when I was away from the computer, but after several reboots the situation is unchanged - the icons do not appear.

Anyone an idea what this could be and what keyword I should look for (sorry. not an english native speaker. I don’t know what feature keyword I need to look for - edit: it appears to be the system tray).

Thanks a lot

I was able to solve it
Apparently an update removed the “status tray plugin” from the “panel preferences”. Now that I added said plugin again, I see the icons I was missing (open and active apps, network icon, bluetooth icon, etc.).


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