Mirrors out-of-date

I noticed last night, that only https://mirrors2.manjaro.org/ and https://mirrors.manjaro.org/repo/ were up-to-date, so I held off doing an update, and checked again this morning, and those 2 mirrors are the only ones up-to-date.

At first I thought it might just be something wrong with https://repo.manjaro.org (I always check here first to make sure my mirror list is fully up-to-date before doing updates), but using pacman-mirrors also give the same result.

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Hi @ydar,

Than the obvious thing to do is wait for them to become synchronised again. I don’t know if there is, but it might, and generally is as far as I know, because new updates are being pushed.

You need not tell me that, I’ve been around here a very long time and it’s what I normally do, but in this case, all mirrors being out of date yesterday and again so far today - it’s unusual.

I agree that is yes.

Ignore me then.

Sorry, I hope I didn’t come across as being rude. I mean your advice is what I would tell someone else too.

Nah. 's OK, ma’n.

Remains weird, though…

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Global mirrors are updated every 10 minutes

Testing a new approach for package repository via CDN - #18 by philm

Currently every 10 minutes the DBs get purged.

at right top

  • Generated on 2024-06-25 05:05

not mirrors ! but serveur (generate datas for pacman-mirrors ) no longer works

issue open EDIT: fixed

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