Mirrors.manjaro.org is very slow

I just updated my system using mirrors.manjaro.org and got download speeds of 1.1 MiB/s when my Internet connection at home is 500 Mbps, which is roughly 50 MiB/s. Has anyone else experienced such slow speeds from that mirror?

Hi @ben75,

Can’t say I have. But then, I use a custom mirror pool. I suggest you rebuilt your mirror pool, to the fastest mirrors:

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack=5 && sudo pacman -Syy

That will set your pool to the 5 fastest mirrors globally and force refresh of the package list.
AFAIK anyway.

Please dont use -Syy

The forced resync is rarely if ever needed.

While you should not sync without upgrading.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syu

this is a CDN network from CDN77. It can happen that the node you’re connected has issues or is slow. You can check other mirrors if you want. You can try mirrors.cicku.me/manjaro which is powered by CloudFlare.


(on a slightly unrelated note… nice… thats one of the faster mirrors to browse)

I only specified this, for this case, I don’t normally say it.

And I wondered 'bout the upgrade, but now I know.

I ran pacman-mirrors and got mirror.fcix.net as my top mirror. Thanks to all who reminded me to do this.

I wanted to report that mirrors.manjaro.org is a slow mirror.

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