Mirror removal - manjaro.moson.eu - 2022-10-23


The manjaro.moson.eu mirror will be taken offline on the 23rd of October.

If anyone is using it, please make sure to switch to another mirror…


Aww. I’ve preferred it on some of my installations.

Why is it shutting down, if I may ask?

…but you keep mirror.moson.org/manjaro ?

Mainly just to save costs.

I switched to Arch some time ago and I’m not really active in this community anymore.
So I don’t really see a reason for still sponsoring Manjaro to be honest.

Also there are quite some other mirrors out there + your CDN’s.
I still have mirror.moson.org which also mirrors the manjaro repos.



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  • It is absolut fine and respectable to place a link on your GitHub, one or the other will show solidarity.