Mirror manjaro.kyberorg.fi is temporary unavailable


Mirror manjaro.kyberorg.fi is temporary unavailable.
Our domain registrar failed to renew our domain.

@philm please remove it from the list.

Sorry for this.

@philm @Yochanan @linux-aarhus
Seems important enough draw more attention.


Sorry to ask… Is there any other problem to renew the domain? Once noticed the problem, it could be solved in just a few minutes… That’s why i’m asking.

@cfinnberg Tietokettu doesn’t allow to renew this domain anymore.
I contacted them, but no response yet.

Once in grace period - what ever that means - and you cannot get in contact - that is not good - because you cannot transfer a domain in grace.

I usually use [joker.com] for my domains - they have kyberorg.eu for fo €2.49 - if you are interested :slight_smile:

I created a gitlab issue kyberorg.fi is offline (domain expired) (#84) · Issues · WEB / repo.manjaro.org · GitLab

I am about to recover kyberorg.it instead.

Right now we can replace it with https://manjaro.klab.sh/ (same server)

That’s odd. I don’t know how is the procedure with Tietokettu, but once the domain is expired, you (as the owner) have the priority during a certain time to register again this domain (that’s the grace period). According to Finnish authority it is until 27th of May (Fi-domain name search | Traficom)

I’m guessing that they don’t provide support during the weekend. I hope that you get solved this during monday

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This is likely the issue; you’re dealing with a mon-fri (weekday) business - contact them (on a weekday) before May 27 and the registration should be allowed to continue (after payment).

From your perspective, it’s just some unfortunate down-time until then. It may be beneficial to setup an automatic payment of some kind to avoid that in future.


Recurring payments were set. I even saw payment notification, so I thought what they took money and updated domain.
Today I found out that those payment was declined.

Anyway I am in contact with Tietokettu on this.
So maybe tomorrow or at Thursday mirror goes back online.

Again sorry for this fail.

This could happen to anyone.
Be sure to let @philm know when it’s up and running again.


I was in contact with Tietokettu for last few minutes. Domain is renewed and should be back soon.

It might take additional few days to setup proper routing and monitoring to avoid those fails in the future.

After that I will contact him and re-enable mirror if it’s still needed.

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Actually manjaro.kyberorg.fi is already back online.


What happened to this? The repo was not readded to the list of mirrors and it’s not up to date

It’s accessible from the web; beyond that :man_shrugging:


Current status is:

Mirror was out of space and stopped syncing.
Currently, the host is not monitored properly (I don’t have time to bring monitoring up), so there no reason to re-add it until it is properly monitored.

I also waiting for @philm to allow me syncing from central repo Finnish Mirror moves to Hetzner Cloud (New IPs) (#193) · Issues · Applications / pacman-mirrors · GitLab

I will bring monitoring as soon as come back from vacation.


no pressure! I just didn’t understand what was going on :slight_smile:
Relax and enjoy your free time!