Mirror Check Service unreliable


Mirror Check Service obscure available [Stable Update] 2021-07-28

Germany still reports last sync: Early this morning: 00:05, 02:15, 07:25
What kind of hh:mm is this?

Around 09:00 today I did a refresh databases and got just one update:
upgraded mhwd-db (0.6.5-10 → 0.6.5-14)

At 15:50 refreshed again and got the full update (no problems btw, thnk u).
Looking at the (mirror-sync) time, I should not get anything at 15:50, right?

Where did the updates come from?

Content /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist : ## Country : Germany

Did you see there is a new Stable Update Announcement thread?

of course I did and followed the advise “Check if your mirror has already synced:”

Looks like Last sync is not the time of the day,
so I guess Mirror Check Service is reliable

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ok, thanks for your help.

You are quite right - the last sync property is the timespan since the mirror last syncronized - expressed as hh:mm - pacman-mirrors uses these data when you run

pacman-mirrors --status

One thing to observe is - if you have visited the webpage before - it is most likely cached and you have to reload the page to ensure you are not seeing an old version.

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