Minor issue after update

dear all,
using Manjaro Openbox on a Dell desktop, Intel i3 cpu, 16 GB Ram, kernel 5.8…
Earlier today I’ve updated with pacman -Sy plus pacman -Su.

After the update I get a notification in the top toolbar that there’s still 1 update (there’s nothing to update, either using pacman -Syu or the Package Manager…) and next to it this message:
/bin/sh: check-network: command not found
(sorry I can’t attach a screenshot and neither a link).

Apart from this, the pc is working fine as usual…


This is probably an AUR package.

the check-network command - it may have been a part of the scripts but I cannot remember if it has ever been in use - that is - if you customized something using a script which has been deprecated for some time.

If this is message about check-network is a part of polybar - I suggest you edit the polybar configuration and remove the module which calls the script.

The primary config - where modules are defined for the polybar - is ~/.config/polybar/config

At the bottom of the file you find left, middle and right modules inclusion.

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thanks, I’ll have a look asap at the config bar and report here what happens.

I have Microsoft Teams (using it in… 45 minutes!) but can’t remember much other AUR stuff since I changed the ssd and reinstalled Manjaro, and can’t remember having customized anything but… I’m quite possibly wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Also, Package Manager shouldn’t warn me of the package to update (it isn’t)?

I’am the same problem with a Dell Laptop after the download of the Nibia version

The module to call “network”, I find placed in line #28 on file of Polybar. I erase this work and the error message to gone.

If your mirrors have changed, such as if you have the timer pamac-mirrorlist.timer running … then you must use sudo pacman -Syyu

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It seems the latest manjaro-openbox-scripts 2.3-1 does not include the check-network script.

So I downloaded the file check-network from the polybar-themes12 github into /usr/bin and changed it’s permission to +x:

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/adi1090x/polybar-themes/master/polybar-12/scripts/check-network -O /usr/bin/check-network
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/check-network

And then restart polybar (e.g. right-click on desktop -> preferences -> polybar -> restart polybar).

NB The check-network script from polybar-themes2 does not work on my system. Also, polybar-themes13 does not contain the check-network script.