Minimizing windows

I have installed Manjaro Deepin in my Thinkpad X1 Extreme. When I open a window I can minimize it, but if maximize it and retry to minimize the window doesn’t minimize. I can maximize or close it, but I can’t minimize it again.

Can you help me?

Cuando abro una ventana en Manjaro Deepin, la minimizo, la vuelvo a maximizar e intento minimizarla de nuevo, no me deja. No hace nada. Puedo operar con el resto de botones (maximizar, cerrar), pero no me deja minimizar de nuevo. Me pasa con cualquier ventana.

¿Alguna idea?


Cross-Posting is discouraged on the forum, even if is done in a spanglish way … pero vamos a ver lo que falla en tu instalación. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you just installed Deepin, you should check for updates in the first place:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && pamac update

I gather that will be a big update. Make sure is not interrupted. Maybe even better to do it from TTY.
No tengo garantías, pero creo que your system will perform better. Make sure you will also install one of the latest supported kernels or at least a LTS one, as your current install might have an older one.
For example:
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux510

Reboot after that. There should be no issue with the UI and their minimize/maximize interactions and functionality.

Sorry for cross-posting. I didn’t know that was inaproppiate.

Many thanks for your answer, but it doesn’t work.


Can you please post from terminal:
inxi -Fazy

and then also, open from terminal an application, fore example the File-Manager

and post the errors you get from there?
Also, can you confirm if the issue you described is present on all applications: specific to Deepin, GTK+ applications, other Qt applications?

Another thing i want you to confirm, is this issue present when using a mouse or touchpad?

It doesn’t work, anyway. I have reinstalled Manj-Deep from 0. Everything’s updated (updates, kernel…), but the problem is still here.

The issue is present when using mouse and touchpad.

Manjaro Deepin is not a mature distribution, wait until stable version to use like a common user.

Thank you very much.

In your opinion, which distribution is better for Manjaro? XFCE or KDE?

I like KDE, i can personalize the entire graphical desktop.

After some years using Manj-XFCE, I have purchased a new computer with much better resources (Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme), so I decided to try KDE.

After two weeks I have two troubles:

  1. I have used two different USB-C to Ethernet adaptors, but sometimes I lost my connection.

  2. I have two monitors. When I drag an item from file manager to drop it into a window in the other monitor it usually fails. No problem if both are in the same monitor.

Yeah, the windows resizing thing is currently a problem with Manjaro/Arch Deepin. Hope they can fix it soon as it works perfectly with the official Deepin distro.

Same thing here … can’t minimize open windows after a short period of time …
I am running it in live mode from a usb and afraid of installing to disk.
Please guys fix it, 'cause i love Deepin and especially in Manjaro!

Just adding this here as the other post seems to have got deleted, but problem is now worse with recent Manjaro update. Windows cannot be resized in any form and display is prone to artifacts on my UHD 630.