Minimizing maximizing screen on firefox while watching a video issue

just reporting and curious if others have the same issue too;
when minimizing or maximizing the video screen on firefox while watching a video,i can see for a split of a second my desktop.
i have many personnal tweaks around firefox,but i didn’t have that issue before the update.
might get better with the next FF or Nvidia update.

nvm,it’s just that i had -by choice in my settings- webgl disabled,and that’s what was causing this.

it’s a shame it’s a security risk; i did a performance test with and without webgl and the difference is huge.

What security risk is there having webgl?

it’s all over the internet :smile:
i can bring some links for reference if you like.

i’m no expert to be able to explain.

I looked at it and yes it seems there are risks, but I didn’t feel my system is at risk having webgl enabled. It depends where you allow your browser to go. Like what you download and execute.

it’s exploitable and you don’t always know where you land while browsing the web.