Minimal installation on PC

That will be difficult - although not impossible - as Calamares is a GUI installer and the final system is extracted from running system.

Isn’t a customized ISO profile easy and the way to go?

You are right - but calamares is gui app and OP want as CLI environment as the result.

You need a windowmanager to run calamares which in turn requires X and drivers and …

You can create a customized Calamares - a netinstaller - which can install a given set of packages.

Much like EndeavourOS has done.

Or you could move the Xorg part to the Live-Packages section - which would provide a GUI only in the live session - the install phase could then be boiled down to what ever packagtes and services desired.

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I correct myself.

I couldn’t resist the urge to try this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually did it - created a gui installer for cli only system - and it was easier than anticipated - I took only 10 minutes to modify the iso-profile and another 10 to build it - piece of :cupcake: IMO.

For those who like adventures (very rough slapped together with no regards to the visual) if you download and test - remember it is very simple - more like Proof Of Concept than for actual use


Hi linux-aarhus, great job :+1:
your work will not go in vain - I’ll surly try this iso
but … first of all.
I’ve build architect iso just like you advised and then installed to test on vm.
All worked fine for me - thank you, thank all others too.
I think this thread can be closed.

Yes, one can build custom minimal iso with architect profile and advises like in earlier mentioned YT video.
“For those who like adventures” as bonus your findings with calamares :slight_smile:

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