Minimal installation on PC

Hello, I would like to ask how can I install Manjaro on PC that finally I have only command line environment ?
I know that for Arm is such minimal install medium.
Thanks for any hints.

Hello @tangram and welcome :wink:

If it doesn’t bother that you have extra packages for GUI installed, then just do this after a normal installation:

sudo systemctl get-default 

Set a new default target:

sudo systemctl set-default
sudo systemctl default

Now you have only the command line environment :wink:

Manjaro does have a minimal iso download available on the downloads page.

This could be a good starting point if you are willing to manualy install:

However, would this not be a whole lot of work if you could just install arch with no DM/WM?

Hi megavolt thanks for your quick answer.
I knew this “work around” method with :slight_smile:
It would bother me if I know that I have something installed what I will never use.
It is an old Dell tower which I plan to use as backup server.
I looked around Manjaro git repo.
Would it be possible to prepare custom cd creation profile, tailored for one needs ?

Unfortunately, minimal is only available for ARM.

Hi Hanzel, that’s the point :+1:
I have feeling that so will end this story.
I’ve used Archlinux already.

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A custom ISO is certainly an option:

I’ve not done this but in theory you could make a new profile with no DE/WM and use that as a base?

And in theory you can build it from any device even a cellphone with the help of GitHub :smiley:

Edit your own modified profile and that’s it.


Hanzel, omano thanks :+1:

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mh… it is not my system, but a backup server should have software installed software which is fixed and constant for years. So choosing a rolling release for this, is in my opinion a bad practice. But who am I?

Anyway, there is everything said already, what can be done.

You are absolutely right for production environment, but for home use is good enough.
I called it “backup server” but it’s not. It simply extra backup space on another machine to use with rsync.
omano’s presentation is really good - surly I’ll try to build own iso.


The profiles repo already contains an iso for a minimal install

buildiso -p architect
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Its not necessary to build the iso. All SbK spins include architect to build custom installs. They can be found in the Spins section of the forum.

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I didn’t think of that - in fact every ISO can be made into a custom installer

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -S manjaro-architect

Then run the installer


Hi omano :slight_smile:
I cloned both repos and build iso just for test from xfce profile, it worked fine for me.
Then I thought, grub profile is similar to that I want to achieve then… in this repo I replaced default
Packages_(Root|Live) files with links to this ones from shared directory. Adapted profile.conf and started…
unfortunately 2nd try wasn’t successful.
build-release job ended with 255 und “error: target not found: grub-quiet”.

Maybe adapting from grub profile was wrong choice.
What do you think, when in adapt xfce profile in following way:
remove files:
Remove dir:
then adapt (set display manager to none, check extra, etc) profile.conf
and GO
Should it work, is it right way - or ?

That’s probably better to open a new thread about a new topic if you need help for specific configuration for building ISO. I’m not really aware of all the process involved.

OK, but first I will try by myself.

I saw this one, but last commit is from six months ago. I though it is outdated. Maybe I am wrong but architect’s installer is in text mode, isn’t it . My goal to achieve is: install with calamares basic system (without desktop).

Thanks I’ll consider it as plan B :slight_smile: