Minimal Install on x86

Hello! I’m trying to install manjaro without a DE, I saw a Minimal version on the downloads page, but that just appeared to be for ARM. Is there any way or alternative to get this running on x86?
I’ve tried just installing the gnome version and then removing it, but this caused problems I can’t even begin to comprehend.

Edit: should have mentioned I want to use Xorg, removing gnome completely messes up the xorg config and other issues I can’t fix. That’s why I’m trying to have manjaro without a DE installed.


Please see

Only x86_64 iso and ARM.

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Thanks for the reply!

The first one seems to not have received any updates in years, which is unfortunate
The second one refers to archlinux, which I’ve used fine in the past, but I’ve recently ran into some issues that make it really difficult for me to install arch on my system, mostly GPG issues that are completely unfixable without waiting for the team to fix it.

Also It appears both refer to 32 bit OS’s, however I’m on a 64 bit System, sorry if “x86” gave confusion.

Is not confusing, x86 is what it is, 32bits.
All our downloads provide a minimal and full iso, including the community ones
Once on Manjaro Downloads
and want to download i3 edition for example because is the closes what you will get for a non DE install, you simply switch from full to minimal in the download box


Ah thanks, I didn’t know i3 was a WM, not a DE.
Issue solved

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