Minecraft not listed in pavucontrol Playback tab

For some reason minecraft doesn’t show as an application in playback section of pavucontrol. I do have sound but I can’t select audio output for it since it’s not listed. I’m fairly sure java used to be listed there, and now it’s gone and I can’t figure out what I’ve done. I don’t understand how I can have sound in an app and not see it in playback.
As a side effect, in KDE you can normally mute apps in task manager with the little sound icon on them, but that icon doesn’t exist for minecraft.
Thanks in advance !

I am also having this issue after configuring pipewire. Everything else seems to work. Anyone got a fix?

The Explanation:
Basically, Pipewire runs as both a JACK server and a PulseAudio server. That’s good and all, but openAL (Minecraft’s sound engine) connects to JACK by default. This works fine for playing audio, but pavucontrol is a PulseAudio application, meaning it doesn’t see what’s connected to the JACK part of Pipewire.

The Solution:
Create or edit ~/.alsoftrc and add the following lines:

drivers = pulse