Minecraft not actually using amount of ram I give it

Why is this? I use multimc as my launcher and set to eg 12gb use and when looking at gotop, only at 2gb or 4gb usage. Do I need to change ram amount somewhere else too?

Why would you use multimc? Use tlauncher or the official minecraft launcher.

Tlauncher is much for easier, faster, more advanced and feature-rich than any other launcher. It has no bugs. You can download any minecraft version from there. (Including optifine and forge, forge-optifine). It’s specially designed to work with linux. No need to buy anything! Installing or uninstalling mods and skins are also easy. The problem you currently have isn’t because of manjaro but multimc. The problem wouldn’t be there qith tlauncher. Just try it.

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ooh imma download this program. Thanks.

You’re most welcome. :wink:

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